The Biosecurity Office has developed various tools that can help you increase biosecurity awareness. Besides an informative film, you can also think of floating racks for micro-centrifuge tubes, postcards and the 10 golden security rules. The Biosecurity Self-scan Toolkit and the Vulnerability Scan are online tools to analyze biosecurity vulnerabilities in your organization. The Dual-Use Quickscan is a tool with which you can identify potential dual-use aspects in research. In addition, this tool contributes to stimulating dual-use awareness.

Self-scan Toolkit

Self-scan toolkit

The self-scan toolkit is a relatively fast scan with a limited number of closed questions that can easily form an indication of strong and weak biosecurity aspects within your organisation.





Vulnerability Scan

vulnerability scan

The vulnerability scan is a more extended scan compared with the self-scan toolkit with questions, scenarios and best practices built around the eight pillars of biosecurity. More information.




Dual-Use Quickscan

The Dual-Use Quickscan aims to identify potential dual-use aspects in the research. In addition, this tool contributes to stimulating dual-use awareness among researchers. More information.



Dual-use animation

Dual-use animatie venndiagram

This animated video explains the various concepts related to dual-use and export control.

The video is intended for students and professionals in the life sciences who deal with biosecurity, biosafety and dual-use aspects.

Information film

This film provides an introduction into eight pillars of good practice for biosecurity, that are important when implementing biosecurity control measures.


Laboratory Biosecurity Assessment and Monitoring Checklist for biosecurity monitoring and auditing of laboratories.

10 golden rules

10 golden security rules to promote awareness for safe and secure working with biological agents.


Postcard Dual use Plague

Various biosecurity awareness postcards to send to colleagues.