Biosecurity duties can be assigned to a Biorisk Professional (BRP). A BRP is concerned with biosecurity within the organisation and with implementing biosecurity measures.

The government’s aim is for biosecurity to become firmly anchored within an organisation. One way of doing this is to assign biosecurity to a Biorisk Professional (BRP). The duties of a BRP can be carried out by quality assurance officers, such as biological safety officers, consultant microbiologists, occupational hygienists or safety personnel. The BRP’s duties include examining whether laboratories and knowledge are sufficiently secure, and whether employees have sufficient awareness with regard to the biological materials that they work with. The BRP is the organisation’s point of contact and knows where in the organisation biological agents can be found. One of the other duties of the BRP is to ensure that biosecurity measures are implemented – for example, in quality assurance systems – and complied with. The BRP is on call 24/7 to respond to the emergency services, in the case of emergencies during non-business hours.

More information can be found in the Parliamentary paper ‘Coordination of biosecurity’ of 26-09-2012 (Dutch)