Biosecurity awareness is of utmost importance to generate a safe and secure biosecurity culture within organizations. Awareness on the importance of biosecurity among both management and employees is key in biorisk management. "A chain is as strong as its weakest link”: not knowing the vulnerabilities your organization is facing, puts your organization at risk for biosecurity-breaches.

Biosecurity tasks can be assigned to a Biorisk Management Advisor (BMA). A Biorisk Management Advisor is responsible for biosecurity within the organisation and the implemention of biosecurity measures

This page provides you with tools and guidelines to support you in developing, promoting and maintaining a biosecurity culture in your organization.


Tools developed by the Biosecurity Office

Biosecurity tools such as the Self-scan Toolkit, Vulnerability Scan and Dual-Use Quickscan.

Tools to reach researchers

Tools that you as a BMA can use to reach and inform researchers about biosecurity and dual-use.

Biosecurity policy

Overview of biosecurity and dual-use policy, export control and international guidelines and treaties.

Biosecurity pillars

Biosecurity focuses on protecting biological agents and on the knowledge and technology required for this. Biosecurity can be divided into eight pillars.

Would you like more in-depth information about biosecurity and dual use? Or do you have questions about biosecurity and dual use in your organization? Please feel free to contact the Biosecurity Office.