Can't get enough of the subject of biosecurity? Or are you looking for an appealing way to open the conversation about biosecurity? The Biosecurity Office has some viewing and listening tips about biosecurity for you.

To name your podcast series 'The Lab Safety Gurus' you have to come from a good background. Dan Scungio and Sean Kaufmann both have extensive experience with lab safety. In episodes of approximately fifteen minutes, they discuss various themes, including encouraging a safety culture, what to do with mobile phones in the lab, and their own experiences with lab safety. The podcasts can be listened to via Spotify

'Radiolab' has dedicated a podcast episode to the possibility of using artificial intelligence to create harmful pathogens, rather than pharmaceutical substances. The episode is called ’40.000 recipes for murder’ and is (among other things) based on a recently published scientific article about how often harmful pathogens occur in nature. Fortunately, this does not appear to be the case often, but can you also use the same research methods you use to discover medicines to create chemical weapons? This episode of Radiolab can be listened to via their website

In addition, the USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a podcast about emerging infectious diseases (Volume 29, Number 7- July 2023). This podcast is based on the article "Epidemiology of Pathogens Listed as Potential Bioterrorism Agents, the Netherlands, 2009‒2019".

For those who prefer to watch rather than listen, we recommend two Netflix series. The thriller series ‘Biohackers’ is about student Mia who accidentally discovers that highly advanced biohacking technology is being used at her university. Do you want to know more? Read the review about Biohackers that appeared in Science . The series ‘Wild Wild Country’ is about a cult leader who gets into conflict with the authorities. And then the sect contaminates salad bars with salmonella... This series contains true events and is based, among other things, on this article