This is the list of pathogenicity classifications of organisms as used by the Dutch bureau for genetically modified organisms (BGGO or GMO Office) when conducting risk analyses of the contained use of genetically modified organisms. The main principle underlying this list concerns the protection of the environment.

This list is based on Appendix A of the guidelines drawn up by the Dutch Committee on Genetic Modification (COGEM) to accompany the decree on genetically modified organisms (GMO Decree) of June 1998. This list is used as the basis for the classification of host and donor when classifying projects involving contained use. Several changes have been made to this list: the viruses that were classified as 2D pathogens have been removed from the list and a number of improvements have been made in the notation of several organisms. It is possible that this list includes a number of organisms in pathogenicity class 2 that are in fact opportunistic pathogens. Opportunistic pathogens are considered to be non-pathogenic.

Download: List of pathogenicity classifications of GM organisms (Dutch)